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Old Town San Diego’s Dia de los Muertos

29 Oct
When: Monday, 10:00AM. to 10:00PM; Tuesday, 10:00PM to 6:00PM
Old Town State Historic Park & Surrounding areas. 
(619) 297-3100 or oldtownsandiegoguide.com



Old Town San Diego’s Dia de los Muertos

All That Authenticity May Be Getting Old – NYTimes.com

27 Oct
Unornamental aesthetic…

A deluge of vintage and artisanal products is now available online and through mass-market retailers. Has authenticity become just another fad?

Image: flickr/kitschydigitals

I like the approach:

As they began furnishing their new house from scratch, they found themselves choosing pieces with clean, modern lines that “could be a backdrop for whatever we were interested in at the moment,” Mr. Siegel said. In other words, he said, “not trying to express your personality and your total individuality with every single thing in your house.”

You must click over to this link rich article in the NYTimes, link below. I feel the same way after furnishing a home with vintage, I am inspired for clean, minimal, with pops of color per the season.

Enjoy this article by: EMILY WEINSTEIN

All That Authenticity May Be Getting Old – NYTimes.com

Twilight Photos: West Lewis Street Shops Dressed for Halloween, Mission Hills – 92103 (Slideshow)

29 Sep

Enjoy these fall twilight photos of the West Lewis St. Shops located in the 1600 block of West Lewis St. in San Diego community of Mission Hills. Valerie and Jimmy from With Love have added so much spirit with over the top decorations. Burlap sacks on the community benches, warm orange glowing lights fill the windows, whimsically wonderful accessories, clothing, and hair products fill the displays at Le Bel Age, Salon Bella and With Love.

Welcome to twilight fall in the Hills decorated for Halloween.

Also see:

    From Mission Hills Life Blog pics

    Event: Halloween in the Hills Oct. 13, 6-9pm West Lewis St. Shops, 92103

    23 Sep

    Join Le Bel Age Boutique, ‘With Love’-A Gift & Paperie, Salon Bella and Mission Hills Liquor & Deli for Halloween in the Hills Oct. 13,  6-9pm. Gregory Page is providing the musical entertainment. Come and be part of the gruesome gathering! Be sure to show your love and “like” their online pages, links are listed after the fab pics Jimmy @ ‘With Love’ snapped of their ghoulish accessories. Enjoy.

      SOURCE: With Love
      PHOTO SOUCE: With Love

      Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture: Home And Play On The Range

      21 Sep

      I love porch swings and dreamcatchers. Rachel Ashell offers both in a recent blog post about her Prairie property housing Shabby Chic Couture. Custom made bedding and hand made appointments. Take a moment and refuel with Rachel on her blog.


      Here is a link to Cedar Hill Ranch’s Blog posts with many interior and exterior shots of her B&B property, a must see. 

      Last but not least here are some helpful Flea Market strategies from the Rachel and the latimes.com.

      SOUCE: RACHEL ASHWELL,latimes.com
      PHOTO SOURCE: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Blog

      Video of the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012 Fashion Show

      11 Sep

      Rebecca Minkoff Talks Fashion Nite Out

      In celebration of fashion week I am celebrating designer Rebecca Minkoff. We both grew up in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, I lived blocks away from her family and was the local babysitter on and off for a decade.

      It was the 80’s, The Minkoff’s moved to Florida, and upon high school graduation Rebecca departed for NYC with dreams of designing.

      She started RM with her brother Uri Minkoff, and after a succesful launch, and a beautiful Tuscan wedding to Gavin Bellour, she set her sites on expanding the RM brand. (Be sure to also check out her Ben Minkoff men’s line).

      This video was originally shot one year ago 9/12/10 for her Spring Line launched March 2011. Created by Gavin Bellour, this is an intimate look into her creative process.

      On September 12th, documentary filmmaker Gavin Bellour filmed CFDA fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff as she prepared for the presentation of her Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

      The road to Lincoln Center is documented in this short film which features appearances by Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg and fashion blogger Rumi Neely of FashionToast.com.

      Below: “No Pressure” A Behind the Scenes Look at Fall 2011 Fashion Week. Follow Rebecca Minkoff as she prepares for her the first runway show at Lincoln Center. Then shop your favorite fall looks now available on RebeccaMinkoff.com.

      This is a family run business. Uri is off the charts smart, graduating high school in about 16 months. With determination and a few PR courses under his belt, he talked his folks into eventually opening what became a 10,000 sqft wellness center. Later building his own successful internet development technology company.

      Still acting as Chair of his companies, Uri set off to start the Rebecca Minkoff brand with his sister. 6 years later, they are still independently managed and self-financed.

      Today she is at the top of her game, still partnering with her brother Uri and preparing to be a new mommy, while her husband Gavin provides fantastic visual images.

      Click here for her company timeline. Their venture now offers apparel, bags, shoes and accessories, and men’s accessories under the brand Ben Minkoff, named after her grandfather.

      Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) — Rebecca Minkoff, chief executive officer for her self-named handbag company, talks about the fashion industry and growth strategy. Minkoff speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance Midday.” (Source: Bloomberg)

      I carry RM bags because they are fabulous! My favorite being the Wine and Cheese bag with roomy front pockets. I live in this bag.

      Take a moment and view her site and blogs. REBECCA MINKOFF is someone to watch. Dont forget to sign up for her newsletter. I leave you with a video for her 2011 Fall collection, enjoy.

      (Click here to catch up with her amazing folks, David and Sue Minkoff, two people I completely adore who taught me so much about family, health and harmony.)

      Rebecca on Bloomberg TV
      Livestream of the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012 Fashion Show

      >200 Square Feet and Room to Swivel

      8 Feb


      A photo of Times Square printed on an aluminum panel dominates
      the living area in Malena Georgieva’s studio apartment.  

      FOR Malena Georgieva, it’s been a long trip to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. A native of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a provincial city about an hour from Sofia, she received a degree in Soviet-style industrial management just as the Soviet Union was collapsing. Adapting to the post-Communist world after emigrating to the United States in 1993, she enrolled in a master’s program at the University of New Haven, supporting herself as a hotel chambermaid for $4.50 an hour. (“I thought, if I ever make $10 an hour, I’ll be queen of the world,” she said.) Eventually, she was hired by Deloitte & Touche, beginning a career in risk management, and her simultaneous love affair with New York City.

      But Ms. Georgieva had another dream — to become an artist and designer. So she took continuing-education courses in interior design at New York University, and then set up her own firm. Two days after it opened for business in 2008, the economy took a nose dive.

      Clients weren’t exactly beating down her door, so she went back to work in risk management and put her design efforts into her home, a tiny space down the block from the Dakota, on West 72nd Street. The fourth-floor apartment, for which she pays $1,750 a month, consists of a single room, just over 200 square feet, with a bed, a desk, a dining table and a couple of swivel chairs.

      It is essential that they swivel — it allows them to face the dining area, the sleeping area or the living area, depending on how Ms. Georgieva is using the apartment. The Tirup chairs cost nearly $400 each at Ikea, making them far and away the most expensive furnishings in the space. Some items cost $12 (a glass cheese platter that she turned into a tabletop) or $40 (table legs, from Ikea, on which she mounted a board upholstered in imitation leather from the fabric emporium Mood). One substantial expenditure was for lumber, with which she and her father, a retired engineer who visited from Plovdiv, built the queen-size platform bed.

      All in all, she spent about $1,500. Given that she would like to open a design firm again someday, and can’t deplete her savings, her frugal decorating is just another form of risk management.

      Evidence of Ms. Georgieva’s cleverness is everywhere. She discovered she could turn a guest mattress on its side and slide it between her bed and the wall, where it functions as a kind of bolster pillow. To make the sleeping area feel like a room, she had three photographs of orchids, which she took on her Canon Rebel, blown up to 6-by-6-foot images, then hung them on the walls and ceiling surrounding the bed. (Ms. Georgieva did have to cut a few inches off the photos to get them up the building’s stairs.)

      “I need to check my appearance before I go out,” said Ms. Georgieva, 43, explaining the full-length mirror, a $9 item that she turned into a conceptual artwork, gluing tiny toys to its frame and painting it all white.
      She hung another mirror at an angle on the wall, so that it would disrupt the boxy lines of the apartment and send light from the lone window across the room. Below that mirror is a tiny dining table that can seat four, using two stools from Overstock.com and a bench she created by putting an upholstered board on top of a rarely used radiator.

      Another upholstered board became her desktop. She attached her cable box to the underside of the board, using leftover curtain rod brackets, so it doesn’t take up valuable desk space.

      “I’m sure everybody has the tools at home,” she said, of her ingenious cable-box solution. “It’s just that they don’t think about it.”

      On the Upper West Side, 200 Square Feet and Room to Swivel – NYTimes.com