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The Fair is Coming! New Food and Booths

1 Jun

San Diego County Fair: What’s New
Food at San Diego County FairNew Food and Rides

There’s always something new to eat at the San Diego County Fair. We’re famous for deep-frying all sorts of foods, but we also have some new treats that are a little healthier, too. We may be adding to this list, so check back!

Scroll down to read about our new features in Rides and Games.
New Food

Healthier Fare:
• Calamari Stand: Blue Mussels
• Pat’s Pizza on the Concourse: Oven Baked Sandwiches

Deep Fried Butter Stand (formerly Heart Attack Café; near AgriFair and the Infield Bridge)
• Deep-Fried Beer-Battered Bacon Bliss — Strips of thick-cut bacon dipped in a zesty batter and fried till extra crispy and paired with ranch and BBQ sauce. • Deep-Fried, Chocolate-Covered Bacon on a Stick — dipped in pancake batter, deep fried and served with whipped cream.
• Deep-Fried Pigs in a Blanket — thick-cut bacon, dipped in pancake batter, then deep fried and served covered in butter and syrup.
• Chocolate-Covered Corn Dog — a hot crisp corn dog dipped in rich, thick, semi-sweet chocolate and covered with rainbow sprinkles.

Chicken Charlie’s near AgriFair:
• Fry BBQ Ribs — a slab of ribs cut into individual fingers, tossed in Chicken Charlie’s famous flour and fried, then tossed in homemade BBQ sauce infused with special seasonings.
• Deep-Fried Kool-Aid — Kool-Aid mixed with Charlie’s sweet batter, then fried like donut holes, then decorated with a cherry flavored powdered sugar.
• Deep-Fried Brownie — Start with the freshest and best brownie money can buy, dipped in homemade sweet batter and fried until golden and crispy, then slathered in more chocolate.
• Deep-Fried Girl Scout Cookies — Start with everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie, the Thin Mint. That’s dipped in homemade sweet batter and deep fried, then decorated with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.

Del Mar Diner in Plaza de México:
• “Cornucopia!” – Deep-Fried Corn on the Cob
• “Hash Dog” – Crispy Golden Hash Brown Corn Dog
• “Sweet Dog” – Tasty Sweet Potato Corn Dog
Note: Small versions of the Hash Dog and Sweet Dog will be offered on Taste of the Fair Tuesday, where you can get “taster” portions of favorite Fair foods for $2.00. On PennySaver Value Day (Fridays), a 2 for 1 coupon for Cornucopia will be included in the PennySaver book given out at the entrance gates.

And More Deep-Fried Delicacies:
• Juicy’s: Deep-Fried Beef Jerky
• Funnel Cake Express: Deep-Fried Candy Kabob
• Mexican Funnel Cake Stand: Deep-Fried, Baby-Ruth-Filled Jalapeños

New Food Booths:
• Pink’s is coming to the Fair! Located outside Bing Crosby Hall, this Hollywood legend (since 1939) will be serving up their famous hot dogs, such as the “Rosie O’Donnell Dog”, a 7-inch Hoffy all-beef hot dog topped with mustard, onions, chili and sauerkraut; and the “Martha Stewart Dog,” a 7-inch Hoffy all-beef hot dog topped with relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut and sour cream. Also, Polish Dogs, chili dogs and many more!

• Everything Cheese, a kid-friendly booth in the Infield near Kiddieland, with kid-sized pizzas, mac and cheese cups, deep-fried cheese curds, mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches, baby carrots with ranch dressing, celery sticks and juice boxes, plus much more.

See the Fair’s Fair Food page for more information about the wide variety of food sold at the Fair, plus some surprising food and beverage experiences you might not be aware of!
New Rides, New Game Promotion

New Ride at San Diego County FairWindstorm and Rock-It are the newest additions to the Fair’s Fun Zone. Windstorm is a roller coaster, making it the third coaster at the Fair. It’s intense, with dips, twists and drops, and it reaches speeds of up to 60mph. Rock-It (pictured) is an extreme thrill ride that takes you upside down at 80 feet in the air and twists and turns you in all directions.

Kiddieland has added Daytona Truck.

You can save on midway games for the first time with our new Try Your Luck For A Buck days on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or, buy game sheets, 20 coupons for $20.00, to play for a buck any day. More info on the Best Pass Ever page.

See the Fair’s Rides & Games page for more information about the 80-plus rides in the Fun Zone and Kiddieland.

Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

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Poisonous Plants Are So Misunderstood

31 May

Dr. Bronner's castile soap in a bathroom

Castile Soap: An Eco-Friendly Cleaner at a Budget Price

Ever on the alert for green cleaning products that are truly green, we found one that’s been around for decades: castile soap. A popular brand, Dr. Bonner, is made with vegetable oils—all certified organic and fair trade, which makes this soap as eco-friendly as it is versatile. Plus it’s concentrated, which means a little squirt goes a long way: You could use it every day and the bottle could still last you for months. Read

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Profiles: Those who preserve San Diego’s historic homes – SignOnSanDiego.com

29 May






Profiles: Those who preserve San Diego’s historic homes – SignOnSanDiego.com.

Pioneer in ‘green’ homes coming to San Diego – SignOnSanDiego.com

29 May

Michelle Kaufmann — who led the way in prefabricated “green” homes — will be in San Diego on Wednesday to discuss how keeping it simple is the answer to creating sustainable places to live.

Kaufmann designs modular homes that are built on factory lines, a process she says cuts the construction time in half. Her methods and ideas earned her the nickname “Henry Ford of green homes,” by the Sierra Club.

Her work has been on display at several U.S. institutions. Workers built a full-sized copy of her own modular home, the Glidehouse, at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., and her three-floor Smart Home: Green+Wired exhibit is on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. She’s completed 54 homes across the country, from the Bay Area to Washington state. The Glidehouse model’s pricing starts at $360,000 but Kaufmann also does luxury homes.

The innovator, who will be in town noon at the California Center for Sustainable Energy in Kearney Mesa, talked via phone with the Union-Tribune for this week’s Friday on Friday housing profile. To register for the free function, click here.

(Please note: Kaufmann’s responses have been paraphrased.)

Q: You emphasize simplicity in the creation of sustainable homes and communities. Why?

A: The notion of simplicity resonates with all of us. The more we pack into our lives, the more we feel like we’ve spun out of control. When we acquire more stuff, we feel a physical weight that translates to an emotional weight. Simplicity is in our environment, not only where we live, but all around us. The question is not if people want to go green, it’s how because families want to be be healthier in the way they live. But it can’t cost anymore than they’re living now. And it needs to be easy.

Q: Well, that’s the hard part, right? Living green tends to cost more, so how can you be sustainable and still keep a decent budget?

A: Right. If green is affordable to only a few elite people, you’re not going to move the dial. It needs to be accessible. So we need to rethink about how we talk about cost. When people are thinking about buying a home, they think about the cost in terms of the monthly mortgage, the monthly bills. We need to think about energy and water savings in the same way. We can say, ‘In the first month, the family with these green features paid this much less over time.’ That’s a really powerful way that can start shifting toward better decisions. When we look at homes, the information of its green qualities needs to be more clear and transparent, maybe having someting like a nutrition label

Q: How can being green save you time?

A: Building a green home should not take more time than building one that is not green. So I looked at alternative construction methods. I used modular construction that could be built in a factory, uses control precision cutting that uses less waste, and reduces the timeframe (of construction) by half.

Q: Why is a home built in a factory better?

A: The alternative construction method is super fascinating. You build homes better, for less. Homes built in a factory also are stronger and healthier. We use innovation in all parts of our lives but we don’t see much of it in homebuilding. It’s the same way it’s always been done; it’s wasteful. But we can do things differently, which is why this is a very exciting time.

Q: What prompted you to want to build a better, cheaper, more attractive green home?

A: When my husband and I looked for a place to live, we couldn’t find anything we liked and that we could afford. So we decided to build something ourselves. This was back in 2003, before green was very popular. We wanted lower energy bills, lower water bills and a home that felt big and healthy. In our old place, I was waking up with migraines because we happened to have mold in the walls. So we designed and built the house, and our friends were wondering if we could mass produce this? And after doing some research, I found out yes, we can. (That’s how the Glidehouse model was born.)

Pioneer in ‘green’ homes coming to San Diego – SignOnSanDiego.com

Your guide for the holiday weekend – San Diego Style

29 May

Your guide for the holiday weekend – SignOnSanDiego.com.