1 Nov

I had to share this great post by MakeGrowGather one of my fav bloggers…these sound amazing!


I’ve been working the early shift at the radio station this week. And by early, I mean the alarm goes off at 4am – which I have come to realize is not really the morning at all. It’s the dead middle of the night, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a spooky experience to get to work while it’s still inky-black outside, and then re-emerge into the sunshine at lunchtime, having already worked a full day. The first afternoon, I sort of stumbled around in a dumb haze after I got home. The next day, I had an urge to make something simple and fast and satisfying. I think I needed to feel human again and handle something that had been touched by sunlight, instead of just words on a computer screen.

So I set out to make brandied cherries. But I was thwarted. No cherries in either of my local shops. So I turned to blueberries. Who knows, they might turn to purple mush. Or I might be onto something and we’ll all be garnishing our Manhattans with brandied blueberries. I’ll let you know either way.


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