Video: Historic Markers Stolen From Mission Hills Pillars – Print This Story News Story – KGTV San Diego

2 Aug

Markers Stolen Are 102 Years Old (see link for video)

A piece of history in Mission Hills is gone after four century-old bronze markers were taken from two pillars earlier this week.”I was ticked off,” said Allen Hazard, a Mission Hills homeowner and local historian.Hazard said he still can’t believe the markers were taken from the pillars on Sunset Boulevard near Alameda Drive sometime Monday evening or Tuesday morning.The name on the markers — Inspiration Heights — was the name of a new subdivision in 1909.In one old drawing Hazard showed 10News, the pillars with the markers were used in a brochure to attract buyers.”It appears they were yanked out, possibly with a crowbar. I think Mission Hills and the Uptown area has been robbed of a key part of our identity and history,” said Hazard.The thief or thieves may have a history of targeting history.”I heard a loud thud just before I was going to bed,” said resident Sean-Xavier Neath.In late June, a few blocks away, the homeowner looked outside around midnight and saw a man running to a car carrying garbage bags. The man apparently stole the homeowner’s plaque designating his historic home. The plaque is made of bronze alloy, which includes copper. The thief would also take two other plaques.Homeowner Bobby Sparks had a plaque stolen from his home.”It feels like a violation. Someone coming in and jacking your plaque off your home,” said Sparks.Hazard said, “102 years of history is gone for someone to get a couple hundred bucks. That’s outrageous.”Police are looking into a possible connection between the two strings of thefts.It is believed the markers were stolen for their scrap value.As for the historic home plaque, one homeowner paid more than $700 for his.

Historic Markers Stolen From Mission Hills Pillars – Print This Story News Story – KGTV San Diego

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