San Diego Reader | "Plundering Historic Plaques" by dorianh

2 Aug
Owners of historically-designated homes in Uptown are on the lookout for thieves. The thieves are not the run of the mill hoodlums but instead are run of the Mill’s Act burglars.

The thieves are ripping off gold plaques from historically designated homes. Last week, historic plaques were torn from pillars in front of four homes in the Inspiration Heights district of Mission Hills. The thieves also snatched plaques from two homes along Fort Stockton Boulevard and one from the Griswold Building at the corner of Washington Street and Goldfinch.

Mission Hills isn’t the only neighborhood that has reported the plundering of plaques.

“Historic plaques have also been stolen from homes in Burlingame and from other older San Diego communities, not to mention the thief of plaques in Presidio Park,” reads the warning sent out by community organization, Heart of Kensington.

“There appears to be a mini-crime wave targeting our historic communities and our historic markers.”


San Diego Reader | “Plundering Historic Plaques” by dorianh

One Response to “San Diego Reader | "Plundering Historic Plaques" by dorianh”

  1. charlesalvarez23 August 17, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    I enjoyed reading your blog. It was cool and incredible. Thank you for sharing this fantastic post. Hope to see this historic home. Can you post photos please?

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